• When Someone Says “No”

    The closing scene of the film “Gone with the Wind” is a good example of dealing with rejection. When Scarlett O’Hara is rejected by Rhett Butler with the famous words: [...]


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About The Coaching Corner

Hello, I’m Sheila Williams. I set up The Coaching Corner to make it possible for you to invest in yourself and your life, through coaching, without having to take out a second mortgage to pay for it.


I passionately believe that quality coaching can make a huge difference to your life. Yet so often, you can only access coaching through your employer or a company development programme and then, linked only to your work or the aims of the programme.


I am interested in you – the whole you – not just the bit that goes to work every day.  I don’t want you to have “an alright life” – I would like you to help you to have the life that you want, the way that you want it.


I’m a qualified coach and for more than fifteen years have worked with such a variety of people – executives, private individuals, small business owners, those starting up their career or business and those ending them or having them ended by external circumstances.


I am very clear about what I am competent to work on and what I am not.  Similarly, it is helpful to know that my coaching is not counselling for deep-seated psychological problems nor can it help with medical problems – your GP is the place to be.  If you are looking for someone to tell you what to do or you seek professional advice in some way, then you should look elsewhere too.


Coaching with me is for those of you who are motivated to make changes in yourself or your life and willing to see the changes you have chosen put into action.  If this is you, please get in touch and let’s work on “you” together.


If you are still unsure about whether coaching is for you, why not take advantage of my FREE half-hour telephone session where we can discuss what’s on your mind and find a way forward.  If I do not feel that I can genuinely help you, I will try to suggest other avenues for you to explore.


Send me an email to sheila@thecoachingcorner.co.uk

I look forward to hearing from you.